Vegetable Paella With Chorizo Recipe (2024)



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Ron Nemirow

The amount of rice the recipe calls for leaves a uselessly small amount of rice in the sack of Arroz Bomba I had (0.5 kilo), and so I used the entire sack, increased the stock by 1/4 cup, and doubled the smoked paprika. It was very popular. This is a very forgiving recipe. Next time I make it, I’ll add green olives and anything I feel like.


Good, simple paella. You will get better soccarat with high heat and a longer cook time than 2-3 minutes. Also only add enough chicken stock to cover the rice. I didn't need the whole 3.5 cups stock.

Max D.

Sure, it’s not authentic, but all my three kids ate it up and asked for seconds, and they are not fans or cauliflower or Brussels sprouts. Fun to make and a joy to eat. P.S. we ended up adding shrimp. Good suggestion.


I halved the amount of chorizo and added three boneless skinless chicken thighs cut into pieces . I added the chicken before adding the rice to brown it. Then I resumed the recipe as is.

Debbie Friedman

You can’t make authentic paella without saffron. Add 1/2t crushed saffron to the rice.


Made this exactly as written -- quick to assemble and worked as expected. I tossed large (still) frozen shrimp on top and coated with a bit of the broth before putting in the oven; they were perfectly cooked when the dish was done. Will make again, but will substitute other veg. Cauliflower became rather indistinguishable from the rice, and the brussels sprouts were a VERY off-putting combo with the paprika. Asparagus, artichoke hearts, green beans, even summer squash would be good.


I also added a red bell pepper, and would use the whole onion and a spicier sausage (andouille, perhaps) next time. Overall, pretty good!


Check Vegetable Paella with Wild Mushrooms in archives of NYT May 30, 2007. Adapted from chef Maria Jose San Roman

Heln B

Never suggest this variation of paella to a Spaniard. The inclusion of chorizo would be considered an outrage :) Google 'Jamie Oliver' and 'chorizo paella' to see the reaction to this in Spain!

Pablo Gutiérrez-Segú

This is not paella. At least not what anyone in Spain would recognise as such. Not the ingredients, not the technics, not the process. Not the cooking pan. Paella (the dish) is cooked in a paella (the pan).This is It’s with veg and chorizo and whatever you want throw. Probably very nice and yummy. But not paella.

Janine Vici

The soccarrát is easier to get in the patella or paella pans because the amount of rice lies spread out so the heat creates the crust easier. In Spain when they serve it they scrape the bottom of the pan to mix tbe soccarrát in with the rest. My favorite even has squid. Some use the black ink to create “black rice” which is not inly showy but delicious!


I made this as close to the recipe as my supplies and dietary restrictions would allow, using Arborio rice, vegan Field Roast sausage, homemade veg stock, and mushrooms instead of cauliflower. And I added saffron to my stock. It's delicious!


I made this last night and I’m still thinking about how good it was. I used Palacio Spanish chorizo (the mild variety, which was still super tasty). I used almost 2x the amount called for. I used half broccoli and half cauliflower instead of all cauliflower and added some red bell peppers. And I roasted the veggies in some Olive oil and salt (a little bit) before adding them. I think the bell peppers added flavor. I’m not sure it was necessary to pre roast the veggies.


Paella doesn't have chorizo. Chorizo is too spicy and it would mask the other ingredients. I'm from Valencia, Spain, where Paella originally comes from, and the only meat we add is soft flavored, like chicken and rabbit. Will some people like this combination? Sure. Is it Paella? Absolutely not.

Antonio Santamaria

Onion is not a traditional ingredient in paella because it makes the rice mushy because onion makes the grain of rice split open. If using paella rice such as Bomba rice its best to skip the onion. This is the advice of paella makers in the city of Valencia, where's paella, with saffron, was invented.


Pretty good! Like many others we left out the sprouts as they sounded too overpowering, and added red bell pepper and shrimp. I can see the sprouts working without the shrimp, but I'd roast them up separately so they didn't get soggy. Frozen cauliflower also worked just fine. Overall, a surprisingly easy and tasty dinner, whether or not you think it's paella.


This recipe did not work for us at all. It was boring, the brussel sprouts flavor was way too strong and the cauliflower was indistinguishable from the rice. Will probably throw the rest of it out.

Meg Clark

This was delicious. We don't eat meat so we subbed out vegan chorizo. Added extra smoked paprika. I typically like a higher vegetable-to-starch ratio, so I'll cut back on the rice next time.


This is one of my favorite weeknight dinners to make and it makes amazing leftovers! If it is not Brussell sprout season, asparagus makes a lovely alternative. I Add some adobo, cumin seasoning, saffron, and double the tomato paste. Also, I like crisping up the chorizo in the oven or in the frying pan before adding it to the rice mixture.

Confused Chef

I’m confused by the preparation description…when do I add the stock? Should the rice be cooked before hand? Should the chorizo and veggies be cooked beforehand?Maybe someone can add the extra steps I’m missing …


I had to read it twice before I figured it out. Step 2: Stir in cauliflower...chorizo and *broth." The rice gets toasted with the seasonings and tomato paste. Then it all goes in the oven.


Next time half recipe and don’t forget salt!


The paprika & pepper overpowered all other flavors in this recipe. I am now hunting for a paella recipe with saffron but no black pepper or paprika.


Great basic recipe. Used lima beans instead of peas because that is what I had in the freezer. Also threw in some potatoes from that garden. Added saffron and a good bit of salt. Olives would have been a great addition as well. Everyone loved it.


Great recipe, although it’s a bit of a stretch to call this paella. I used Arborio rice because that’s what I had, omitted the Brussels sprouts & upped the frozen peas (again, using what I had). Easy and delicious and I will definitely make it again.


This was really excellent. I caramelized the Brussels sprouts and cauliflower and reserved them to the side until after the boil. I also added green olives at the end and made a garlic aioli to go with it. I didn’t realize aioli was a thing with paella until we visited Madrid—totally elevates it. Just add a little well mashed garlic with salt and a dash of lemon to mayo. Add a touch less liquid and cook on the stove top on medium high heat for 7-10 min for best socarrat.


Definitely a stretch calling this paella, but wow is it easy and delicious! I was determined not to go to the store, so I used Arborio rice, and doubled the peas because I didn’t have Brussels sprouts. I also kept the post-baking stovetop rice crisping to a minimum, as I wasn’t confident that it wouldn’t burn. Loved the way this turned out and will make it again, maybe add some chicken.


Hold back 1 c of broth, put pan on sheet pan and into oven, add additional broth after 10 min. Add shrimp after 10 min too Used grilled artichoke hearts, cavestalano olives, mini bell peppers, chorizo and giant shrimp. Doubled paprika, still could have used more, and more salt.


Used Trader Joe's soy chorizo and otherwise followed the recipe as written. Simple and very tasty!


Delicious and forgiving. I tripped on the way to put in the paella rice and probably added 2 1/2 cups so put in a little extra broth and water and it was all fine. It crisped in the oven so I didn't need to put it back on the stovetop. I cut up and sautéed veggie sausage for the vegetarians in the house and spicy sausage for the meat eaters and added to the individual bowls. Maybe not paella but yummy.


Made many times; always works perfectly following recipe exactly except for mixing up the kind of vegetables (same weight and not wet ones like tomatoes) and reducing oil a little as 1 use palacio chorizo which gives out both alot of flavor but also oil. Always use Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet. Everything fits fine.

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Vegetable Paella With Chorizo Recipe (2024)
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