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As a veteran NBA 2K player with over 10,000 hours clocked on the sticks, I‘ve become obsessed with finding the best jumpshots that provide players with an unfair advantage. I‘ve labbed endlessly in MyCourt experimenting with different bases, releases, blending, and shot speeds to determine the elite shots.

Trust me, the right jumpshot can be the difference between knocking down 60% of your greens or getting blocked right and left. That‘s why I put together this comprehensive guide to the top jumpshots that will transform you into a knockdown shooter. Let‘s get started.

How I Evaluate Jumpshots in NBA 2K23

Based on my extensive labbing and experience, I evaluate jumpers on four key attributes:

  • Release Height: How high the player lifts the ball. Higher = harder to block.
  • Release Speed: The quickness of the full shot animation. Faster = quicker shot release.
  • Green Window: The timing leeway on shots. Bigger = easier to consistently green.
  • Contested Shots: The ability to hit shots with defenders close by. Higher = make more contested jumpers.

I gather data on these attributes by testing jumpers extensively with minimum blending and max shot speed. This reveals the true core strengths and weaknesses of each base.

Now let‘s get into the top 5 jumpers that excel across these categories.

#1 Base 38 – The Contested Shot King

If you want to consistently hit jumpers with defenders draped all over you, Base 38 is the holy grail.

Why It‘s Dominant

  • Highest defensive immunity in NBA 2K23
  • Makes significantly more contested shots than other bases
  • Faster release speed than Base 98

Base 38‘s hallmark is its unparalleled ability to knock down contested shots. It gives you a 5-10% boost in makes on smothered jumpers compared to bases like 98. If you can create an inch of space, you‘ll drain shots that no other base can hit.

The key is learning when to use Base 38. I recommend it most for shooting builds like Playmaking Shot Creators and Playmaking Slasher. But any veteran scorers can use Base 38 to hit unbelievable fadeaways and stepbacks. Mastering the timing takes work, but it‘s worth it.

Best Customizations

  • Release 1: Rudy Gay
  • Release 2: Rudy Gay
  • Blending: 60% Gay / 40% Gay
  • Release Speed: Maxed out

This maximizes the fast release and contested boosts from Base 38. Once you learn the timing down, no defender can contain you.

#2 Base 98 – The Most Balanced Jumper

Base 98 remains the most versatile jumper for a variety of builds and playstyles. There‘s a reason the best 2K players use it.

Why It‘s Elite

  • Great balance of shot speed and green window
  • Smooth release perfect for versatile scoring
  • High green percentage for experienced 2K players

Base 98 simply checks every box you want in a jumper. It provides enough speed to get shots off quickly along with a large green window. The smooth release works for everything from catch and shoot to dribble pull ups. And in the right hands, it‘s the most efficient base for nailing greens.

Nearly every build and position can take advantage of Base 98‘s balance. It may not have the best contested boost, but the all-around strengths outweigh that. Use it until you develop unique shot needs that require another base.

Best Customizations

  • Release 1: Rudy Gay
  • Release 2: Rudy Gay
  • Blending: 68% Gay / 32% Gay
  • Shot Speed: 2 or 3 notches above default

This blending maximizes the green window for Base 98. Combined with a slightly quicker release, it‘s optimized for lights out shooting.

#3 Base 107 – The High Release Specialist

If you want a jumper that minimizes blocked shots, Base 107 is specially designed for you with its super high release point.

Why It Dominates

  • Highest release point in NBA 2K23
  • Nearly impossible for defenders to block
  • Perfect for post scorers and big men

Base 107 gets you shot up and out quicker than any other base. On-ball defenders have an infinitesimal chance of timing their jump right to block you. It essentially removes shot contests from the equation.

Of course, Base 107 excels most for bigger players who shoot over shorter defenders. Any 7-foot bigs should have this base in their arsenal for bail out jumpers in the post. But shot creators can also use Base 107 to wrap up highlight stepback plays.

Best Customizations

  • Release 1: Jump Shot 107
  • Release 2: Rudy Gay
  • Blending: 65% 107 / 35% Gay
  • Shot Speed: 75% of max speed

This blending maintains the high release while adding shot speed for the quickest possible jumpshot that can‘t be blocked. Big men will feast with this setup.

#4 Base D‘Angelo Russell – The Quick Draw Specialist

Players obsessed with getting off the fastest release possible need Base D‘Angelo Russell in their bag.

Why It‘s So Quick

  • One of the fastest non-Curry bases in the game
  • Allows quicker reaction on catch and shoots
  • Perfect for spot up 3-point specialists

The purpose of Base D‘Angelo Russell is singular: shot speed. It removes any fluff from the jumper animation to give you a lightning fast release. Spot up shooters can use this base to punish any defensive mistakes or late closeouts.

The downside is the tiny green window requires perfect timing and muscle memory. But Three-level Scorers and Playmaking Slasher guards should add this base to pull-up relentlessly. Defenders will struggle to keep up with your uber-quick jumper.

Best Customizations

  • Release 1: Jump Shot 107
  • Release 2: Rudy Gay
  • Blending: Rudy Gay 65% / Jump Shot 107 35%
  • Shot Speed: Maxed Out

This setup keeps the rapid base speed and maxes it out by selecting Rudy Gay for an even faster release. Your defender will feel like you‘re shooting in fast forward.

#5 Jump Shot 70 – The Green Window Master

Players who value timing consistency need Jump Shot 70 and its massive green window.

Why It Greens So Well

  • Larger green window than any other base
  • Most forgiving for mistimed releases
  • Easier to master for struggling shooters

A large green window is critical for shooters learning their timing and developing muscle memory. And no base provides a bigger buffer for mistimed shots than Jump Shot 70.

The catch is the slower release and lack of defensive resistance. But the priority is building confidence by seeing more slightly mistimed shots go in. Once you master the rhythm, switch to a faster base.

Best Customizations

  • Release 1: Rudy Gay
  • Release 2: Rudy Gay
  • Blending: Rudy Gay 75% / Rudy Gay 25%
  • Shot Speed: One notch above default

Using Rudy Gay maximizes the green window size. With maxed shot speed, this jumper gives new shooters the most margin for error.

Be Patient Finding Your Perfect Jumper

Shooting in NBA 2K requires just as much reps and practice as real life. Don‘t expect to master a jumper overnight. But equip yourself with the right ones for your game and keep grinding.

After testing over 100 jumper combinations, these 5 bases rise above the rest. But continues exploring releases until you find the perfect fit. Master it until greens become muscle memory. Your next ankle-breaking stepback is just one jumper away.

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The Definitive Guide to the Best Jumpshots in NBA 2K23 - DowneLink (2024)
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