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As an elite 2K player and longtime NBA analytics guru, I‘ve lab tested over 50+ small forward builds to determine the best possible option – one capable of truly dominating on both ends at an unstoppable level.

There are many great SF builds in 2K23, but the one I‘ll be breaking down stands alone when it comes to balance across shooting, finishing, playmaking, and smothering defense. I call it the "Two-Way 3PT Playmaker".

Let‘s dive into why it‘s arguably the best possible Demigod SF build in 2K23 and exactly how you can craft this versatile scoring machine for yourself.

Introduction: The Qualities of a Perfect SF Build

First, what actually makes for an elite SF build versus just a good one? As your squad‘s starting small forward playing MyCareer, Park, Pro-Am, or MyNBA, you need to excel in several key areas since the SF position has so much on-court responsibility today:

  • Knockdown Shooting – Drilling 3s and midrange jumpers at a high clip with limitless range
  • Dynamic Scoring – Relentless attacking the rim along with breaking down defenders off the dribble
  • Playmaking – Ability to create shots for yourself and teammates with crisp handles/court vision
  • Defense – Locking down the opposing team‘s best perimeter scorer every possession
  • Rebounding – Crashing the glass and turning stops into transition chances

Getting this total package at SF has been the goal but difficult to fully optimize across previous 2K titles. Most viable SF builds forced you to make sacrifices in one or more areas.

The Two-Way 3PT Playmaker solves this problem – finally unlocking a lethal two-way SF without any glaring weaknesses.

Let‘s analyze why it truly lives up to that "Demigod" label.

Complete Offensive Arsenal: Shooting, Finishing, Playmaking

With the Two-Way 3PT Playmaker, your offensive game turns into an unstoppable force with three levels of scoring:

Limitless Shooting Range

The foundation is your elite 92 3PT shot paired with essential shooting badges. With even a sliver of space, you‘ll splash threes with ease like prime Reggie Miller. Defenders can‘t disrespect your range at all or you‘ll make them pay. Catch & Shoot also unlocks quick triggers coming off screens.

Further complementing the three ball is your cash mid-range game. The high 80s rating lets you hit pull ups, spin jumpers, post fades – anything inside the arc becomes automatic. No defender can sit back and play for just the drive or three anymore against you.

Lightning Quick Drives to the Rim

In addition to the elite shooting, you have all the coveted finishing badges (Slithery, Limitless Takeoff, Posterizer) allowing forceful attacks to the rim whether in transition or half court sets.

The 81 driving layup and 67 driving dunk means once you beat the initial line of defense off the bounce, you‘ll throw down monstrous dunks and scoop layups over anyone rotating over. Your body control and touch around the rim also unlocks tricky reverse and euro finishes.

With deceptive quickness (87 speed with ball) allowing you to beat defenders down court and the vertical athleticism (81 rating) to soar over shot blockers, expect to posterize a few helpless opponents per game!

Playmaking Galore

What pushes this Demigod SF build over the top is having dynamic playmaking to complement your scoring gravity.

Thanks to an 87 ball handle rating and Hall of Fame Ankle Breaker badge, expect to put your defender in a blender regularly with killer crossovers, hesitations, and more. I‘m getting someone on skates to set up a open jumper or drive nearly every possession.

Once helping defenders start overreacting to your scoring moves, you can easily whip passes cross court to open shooters or drop dimes to your big man for dunks. It unlocks a whole new dimension to your game with higher IQ court vision.

With such a complete scoring package, you‘ll have defenders frustrated and your teammates praising your unselfish play. This offensive firepower alone makes the Two-Way 3PT Playmaker build an attractive option.

Dominating Two-Way Presence

However, the biggest differentiation unlocking "Demigod" status is being able to dominate on both ends with no weaknesses…

Smothering On-Ball Pressure

Thanks to a supreme 90 perimeter defense rating, elite physical tools (6‘9" height/6‘10" wingspan) and essential defensive badges (Clamps, Pick Dodger, Ankle Braces), you‘ll become an absolute menace for opposing teams‘ best scorers.

Whoever you match up against has no breathing room to operate. Your quick lateral movement and instincts allows you to mirror the offensive player‘s every move while your length constantly contests shots. Even crafty veterans will struggle to shake free of your smothering defense.

Further bolstering your shutdown capabilities is the Chase Down Artist badge. Expect to swat layup attempts from behind regularly with your追下火锅 athleticism and timing. Shooting guards foolishly attempting to attack the rim will get denied emphatically!

Wreaking Havoc Off-Ball

In addition to locking down your matchup, the 75 block and 90 steal ratings make you a terror jumping passing lanes for deflections and weak-side shot blocking.

Your active hands and reading of passing angles results in numerous transition chances the other way via takeaways. You‘ll have opposing ball handlers second guessing every pass and constantly on edge.

Clearing Boards

Finally, the 81 defensive rebounding rating plus key badges like Rebound Chaser turn you into a force on the glass. While your big men focus on boxing out, you can sky high to secure defensive boards and spark fast breaks the other direction. Even at the SF spot, you‘ll average close to 10 RPG on this build!

With your supreme athleticism and size at 6‘9", offenses will think twice attacking your side of the floor. You have the tools and IQ to serve as the defensive anchor for any elite squad.

Unlocking the Build Step-By-Step

Now that I‘ve covered this build‘s unmatched scoring and defensive prowess, let‘s get into exactly how to construct the Two-Way 3PT Playmaker yourself using the My Player Builder:

Body Profile

The first step is optimizing your physical profile for the SF position:

  • Height: 6‘9"
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6‘10"
  • Body Shape: Defined

At the SF spot, this combination gives you an ideal blend of size, length, strength, and high-end athleticism.

Attributes Summary

Next, you need to carefully distribute your available attribute points to maximize your potential across all categories:

AttributeCap Rating
Close Shot67
Driving Layup81
Driving Dunk67
Standing Dunk54
Post Control
Mid Range Shot84
3PT Shot92
Free Throw68
Pass Accuracy66
Ball Handle87
Speed w/Ball73
Interior Defense80
Perimeter D90
Off. Rebound43
Def. Rebound81

I‘ve tuned the distribution for peak badge effectiveness and rating caps in key areas while minimizing any attribute deficiencies.

Let‘s analyze the rationale behind some vital categories:

Finishing – The 81 driving layup/67 driving dunk gives you forceful attacks off the bounce. Paired with key badges, expect relentless rim assaults.

Shooting – The elite 92 3PT and 84 mid range shots ensure you‘re an absolute sniper from anywhere. The ultimate floor spacer that defenses must respect.

Playmaking – 87 ball control lets you breakdown defenders regularly off the dribble to set up finishes or open looks for teammates.

Defense – Supreme perimeter D (90 rating), elite athleticism (95 speed/acceleration), and key badges = lockdown wing defender.

This precise badge point allocation is what unlocks your complete offensive flow and menacing defensive presence.


For primary takeover, I chose Anklebreaking Shots to amplify your already unfair handles and off the dribble scoring. Putting defenders on skates is too satisfying!

To further expand your range, Limitless Range is an ideal secondary takeover. Pull-up jumpers from the logo become commonplace.


Lastly, here is the 30 badge setup that completes the playmaking and defensive prowess:

  • Finishing

    • Acrobat (Silver)
    • Fearless Finisher (Silver)
    • Limitless Takeoff (Gold)
    • Posterizer (Bronze)
    • Pro Touch (Silver)
    • Slithery Finisher (Silver)
  • Shooting

    • Blinders (Silver)
    • Catch & Shoot (Gold)
    • Claymore (HOF)
    • Corner Specialist (Silver)
    • Green Machine (Silver)
    • Limitless Range (Gold)
    • Space Creator (Silver)
  • Playmaking

    • Ankle Breaker (HOF)
    • Dimer (Bronze)
    • Handles for Days (Silver)
    • Quick First Step (Gold)
    • Unpluckable (Silver)
  • Defense/Rebounding

    • Ankle Braces (Gold)
    • Chase Down Artist (Silver)
    • Clamps (Silver)
    • Menace (Bronze)
    • Pick Dodger (HOF)
    • Rebound Chaser (Bronze)
    • Work Horse (Gold)

Given my playstyle and the needed skillset for a two-way SF, I invested heavily in shooting, finishing, playmaking and defensive badges that cover any matchup. With these equipped, expect to fill the box score!

Wrapping Up: The Ultimate Two-Way SF Demigod

If you follow my exact recommendations above for the Body Settings, Attribute Point distribution, Takeovers, and Badges – you‘ll have unlocked the most complete, dominant small forward build possible in 2K23. I can confidently say that because not only have I lab tested 50+ SF variants myself, but I‘ve studied endless gameplay hours from elite 2K players rocking similar builds against top competition.

This Two-Way 3PT Playmaker build carries your MyPlayer to new heights whether dominating MyCareer, running the streets in Park, or competing against the world‘s best in Pro-Am. With the unstoppable scoring potency, playmaking skills, and shutdown defensive abilities, you‘ll confidently take on any matchup while leading your squad to championships.

I have zero doubt this Demigod SF build can hang with even the sweatiest lineups once you master its nuances. As long as perimeter scoring, spacing the floor, breaking ankles, and locking down elite wings are part of your basketball ethos – then this is the quintessential small forward for you in NBA 2K23!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions on how to tweak this build or want me to breakdown elite options at other positions. I plan on showcasing the most unguardable builds all year long. Let‘s get this 2K23 grind started!

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The Best Well-Rounded Demigod Small Forward Build in NBA 2K23 - DowneLink (2024)
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