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DISCLAIMER: this is currently in Alpha. Things are getting there, but still not fully complete. I am working hard to find and fix bugs; however, expect to find bugs. If you find a bug, please consider creating an issue here on github describing it (that would help me out a ton).


Windows 64-bit: https://github.com/SheerSt/pokewilds/releases/latest/download/pokewilds-windows64.zip

Linux 64-bit: https://github.com/SheerSt/pokewilds/releases/latest/download/pokewilds-linux64.zip

Mac, Linux 32-bit, Windows 32-bit: https://github.com/SheerSt/pokewilds/releases/latest/download/pokewilds-otherplatforms.zip

How to Run

Windows 64-bit

  • Extract files, open the unzipped directory and run pokewilds.exe.

Linux 64-bit

  • Extract files, open the unzipped directory and double-click PokeWilds-x64 to run.

Windows 32-bit

Linux 32-bit



PokeWilds is a Gen 2 game/engine built using libGDX. It uses procedural generation to create large worlds with different biomes, each with their own unique monsters. The levels of wild monsters increase the further you explore, meaning that some biomes with rare mons are difficult to get to. Your monsters can help you explore the world by usual means (cut, fly, surf etc), but there are also be new HMs that allow you to interact with the world in new ways, like building structures/houses, jumping up ledges, starting fires, and more.

I have been using a set of techniques to 'rip' sprites and animations from the console game very accurately - as such, the game is intended to look and feel just like the console games, with some extra capabilities (see core/assets/attacks/). The benefit from using libGDX is that the engine can support cross-platform play, multiplayer, huge maps, and fullscreen mode.

Information and FAQ

Dex document: https://bit.ly/3Owvdai

All v0.8 learnsets: https://bit.ly/3vOxMyb

Evo methods and stone locations: https://bit.ly/3PWcVAu


  • Arrow keys to move
  • Keyboard Z = A button
  • Keyboard X = B button
  • Keyboard Enter = Start button
  • Hold keyboard X to run.

What's the current version?PokeWilds is currently in version 0.8. There's no ETA on the next update, but the game IS being actively worked on.

Is there multiplayer?Not currently, but 0.9, the next version of the game, will bring online multiplayer to PokeWilds, alongside a plethora of other features.

Do I need an emulator to play?Nope! The game runs natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's coded with Java and the libGDX framework.

Can I play PokeWilds on mobile?Not currently, sorry. There's plans for it.

What are the shiny odds?1 in 256. This will be adjustable by the user in the next update.

How many legendaries are in the game?There are currently seven legendaries in the game. More get added every update!

How do I gather resources?You can use the field move CUT, known by most grass types. Using it to cut down trees and grass will give you building resources. Additionally, rock types have SMASH which allows you to destroy boulders and get materials as well.

How can I build a base?Fighting types know the field move BUILD. After you've gathered resources, you can build walls and a roof to create a house. Inside, you can place furniture by using BUILD as well. A bed is an essential piece of furniture as it allows you to restore your party to full health, including curing status conditions. Building a door between two house tiles will allow you to create side and back doors, too. Show us your builds in wilds-creations!

How do I make a bed?Collect Silky Thread, from bug types, and Soft Feathers, from flying types, to build a bed.

How do I build gates to my pens?Building a door between fence tiles will produce a gate instead.

How do I destroy something I built?Use the CUT field move.

How do I use TELEPORT?You can't just teleport anywhere! You must first build teleport beacons in the map, and, when using TELEPORT, you can select one of the beacons to be teleported to it.

How do I make my monster stop using its field move?Stop and hold X.

Why are my monsters uncomfortable?Monsters require their preferred habitat tile(s) to be happy. Dual-type Monsters require the tiles corresponding to both their types. For instance, Chikorita merely needs tall grass to be happy, due to its pure grass type, while Jumpluff requires both tall grass and trees, as it is a grass/flying type. Monsters will only produce materials when they're happy.

I read a sign and my text is now glitchy!Whoa, that's not a question. 👀 Walk into tall grass to get an encounter. It's not a bug!

World generation is taking over 10 minutes.There is a rare issue where world generation gets stuck - close the game and retry (the game will prompt you to save when you exit).

Is there a dex?The Pokédex will be added on the next update. We do have a document with all the information regarding Monster habitats, field moves, harvestable items, and more info. The link to this document is at the bottom of this channel.

How do trade evolutions work?In single player mode, trade evolutions are now stone-based evolutions. Here's a document with these new evolutions, as well as where to find the stone evolutions: https://bit.ly/3PWcVAu

How to configure settings.txt:

  • Do not include spaces around the '='.
  • Change key mappings using the 'keyboard-' lines. Keys must be capitalized.
  • muteMusic - set to true to mute all in-game music.
  • specPhysSplitEnabled - set to true or false to toggle special physical split.

How to restore a save file from backup:

  • If the game stops loading your save file (ie it's corrupted), you can try using the save file's backup with contains your second-to-last save.
  • The backup save is named .sav.backup
  • Rename .sav.backup to .sav.zip and extract contents
  • The extracted contents need to be a directory called .sav/ with game, map0,0 etc files inside
  • Load the new save file ( in the game's menu)

How to start the game in dev mode (windows 10):

  • Open the folder containing pokewilds.exe
  • Shift + right-click in the folder and select 'Open powershell window here'
  • Type cmd in the window and press enter.
  • Type pokewilds.exe dev into the window and press enter.

Adding angle_gles20 to the command can also fix the following issues:

  • OpenGL version-related error messages.
  • Issue where the game doesn't pick up keyboard input.


  • If world generation takes longer than 5 min, try closing the game and retrying.
  • If your system language isn't English, the game will sometimes fail to generate maps. Please see the following article for changing installing an English language pack, and switching to it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/install-a-language-for-windows-ccd853d3-9ecd-7da7-9ef0-72b4a055410a
  • There is an issue where the game won't open if an '!' is included in the path to the game's directory. Move the game outside of the directory containing '!' in the name and reopen the game.
  • The games cli output can help narrow down issues. How to run the game in cli mode (windows 10):
    • Open the folder containing pokewilds.exe
    • Shift + right-click in the folder and select 'Open powershell window here'
    • Type 'cmd' in the window and press enter.
    • type pokewilds.exe into the window and press enter.
    • The game will open. Various info will be periodically written to the powershell window, like which song is playing. Error messages will also display here.
  • Cli output like Opengl not supported:
    • Try updating your graphics drivers.
    • Try switching from your dedicated graphics to integrated graphics.

Dev mode instructions and capabilities:

  • Starting the game in dev mode (windows 10):
    • Open the folder containing pokewilds.exe
    • Shift + right-click in the folder and select 'Open powershell window here'
    • Type cmd in the window and press enter.
    • type pokewilds.exe dev into the window and press enter.
  • Paint tiles anywhere by clicking on the screen
    • Press ctrl to reduce the brush size and alt to increase the brush size
    • Press C and V to cycle through tiles
  • Holding space bar will:
    • Make you run really fast
    • Prevent wild encounters
    • Allow you to walk through walls
  • L key - takes a full-map screenshot and puts it in the game directory (game will freeze for a bit)
  • Use WASD to pan the camera around the map.
  • Use Q and E to zoom the camera in/out.
Pokewilds v0.8.8 Windows64 : SheerSt : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive (2024)
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